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challenges of a bored college freshman

Awkward. August 13, 2011

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This is such an appropriate way to start off a blog in which I have no idea to start. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of something witty and clever to catch some sort of interest, but I failed. Epically. Which is very obvious if you ask me.

So why write a blog? Honestly, I have no idea. First off, I’m bored and I am about to be a freshman who needs something to do other than get sucked into the party scene or go crazy in a library studying for hours on end about biology or physics. Secondly, this was in no way my idea. The idea was all my boyfriend who also decided to write a blog. In my opinion, his blog will probably end up becoming like a million times better than mine. Lastly, I am treating this like a diary. As a little one I never had a diary, which seems very unusual for a girl, but whatever. Better late than never. And I feel like a diary should have a name, so Watson is the name of my online diary, hence the blog’s name Hello Watson.

And since that is all cleared up for you, I will clear up this last thing: What will this even be about? Well, im taking this blog as a challenge. Everyday, or at least I’ll try to write everyday, will be a new challenge. Challenges will include talking about music, life, thoughts, and doing good deeds. Hahaha, I have no idea. This will either be totally awesome or it will fail, but either way I will try my best to put my best foot forward.

To end this very painful blog post, I will say goodbye until tomorrow, which will hopefully be a lot better than today.